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Dart Board Hanger Kit

This dartboard harness Kit includes a dartboard mounting bracket Hanger Kit screw, this accessory is necessary when using the Kit to secure the Board to a wall or other surface. The screw is useful for attaching the dartboard harness to a swivel chair, or other stationary object.

Cheap Dart Board Hanger Kit

This is a Kit that includes a dartboard mount and hanger, the Hanger Kit requires screws to be used as a brackets to Hanger the board. The Kit also includes adapters to handle with standard screws, this Kit includes a dartboard mounting bracket Hanger Kit and screws for hanging dart Board on a wall. The Kit is facile to handle and is top-of-the-heap for people who are mounting their dart board, the Kit is for use with or without the support board, so that the Board can be hung without the need for or alternative to regular mounting options. The screws are high-strength, non-stick way that will not damage the dartboard or create any areas of potential damage, they are also uncomplicated to handle and clean. The Kit is straightforward to adopt and is literature beneficial for that final piece to make your Board look great.